I Should Be in Traverse City

My vacation started precisely at 4:00 PM Friday, but it should have started 24 hours earlier.  On Friday morning, I was supposed to be in my car headed north to Traverse City, on my way to Red Wings‘ Training Camp, and Friday night I should have been relaxing in my hotel room, getting ready for the first day of camp.  But I’m not.  Not because I couldn’t afford it or didn’t get reservations.

I’m not in Traverse City because there is no hockey.

Back in 2004, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman locked out the players in order to get a new collective bargaining agreement between the players and the league.  The lockout lasted all season – an entire professional hockey league season was lost because the two sides couldn’t come to an agreement.  In the end the players gave in, agreeing to a salary cap, a 24 percent reduction in salaries, and a whole bunch of other stuff, just to avoid having the lockout go into a second season and, ostensibly, to prevent a lockout from happening again in the future.

Yet here we are, eight years later, and we have another lockout.

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