Facebook and Twitter Etiquette for Job Hunters

How many job seekers out there have turned to social media sites like Facebook or Twitter to help them in their job search?  More and more people are using these sites to at least network with people in their field.  But job seekers need to be wary of what they put on their pages, because depending on the content, it can hurt rather than help.

Last year there was a story in the news about a woman who called in sick to work one day so she and her friend could spend the day at the beach.  Her friend took photos and posted them to the woman’s MySpace page; the woman’s boss saw them and she got fired.

Frankly, when I read some of my job-hunting friends’ tweets and status updates I want to cringe – they’re too personal, too graphic, or too blue (as in language).  Job seekers need to be aware that potential employers can – and do – look at social media sites when investigating employment candidates.  Recently a study showed that 45% of employers checked out prospective employee’s social networking pages.  Remember, unless your Facebook profile is private and your Twitter updates are locked (and sometimes even if they are), the world can see your updates, and on Twitter, anyone who knows your user name can see your tweets.

To help my friends and readers avoid such pitfalls, here are some tips for job hunting via social media.  They’re really more common sense than anything else – as (mostly) grown-up type people, we should know these things already.  But sometimes a refresher course is necessary.  Now, keep in mind these tips are just my opinions based on observation – I am not an expert, nor do I play one on the internet.  On to the list: Continue reading