Another Foot Update (Hopefully the Last One)

The Centre Ice Arena in Traverse City, where the Detroit Red Wings training camp is held every September.

When does something border on ridiculousness or the absurd?  Seriously, I’m getting really tired of dealing with this stress fracture in my foot and the assorted problems it’s bringing.  Now I have a new issue to deal with – a foot, ankle and leg infection that could very well be staph, as in the stuff that causes necrotizing faciitis, AKA flesh-eating bacteria.  For reals.

When I woke up Saturday morning, my foot was really painful, but not in the area of the fracture, which I thought was strange.  I though maybe it was the odd way I’ve been walking over the last month  and a half catching up to me and went on my weekly grocery shopping trip anyway, but I didn’t go to the mall as I had been planning.  I made it a quick trip because my foot was aching.

Then Sunday it got really bad – the pain and swelling had spread to my leg and I had convinced myself I had a blood clot.  My mom has this medical book and read off the symptoms of DVT and thrombophlebitis to me and I really didn’t have any of them except the swelling, and it was in the wrong area of my leg anyway.  This calmed me down a bit, but I was still up until 1:40 AM, afraid to go to sleep, convinced that I would have a stroke or something.  I almost went to the emergency room several times that evening.  It was that bad.   Continue reading