Not a Smart Move by MLB

Don Kelly, the Tigers player who hit the walk-off sacrifice fly that won today’s game.

For those who don’t know, my two favorite sports are hockey and baseball, in that order.  Unfortunately the NHL owners have locked out the players hoping to get more money from them (“revenue sharing,” uh huh) and the hockey season has yet to start.  But with the baseball playoffs just getting started – and my Detroit Tigers in for the second season in a row – this is going to be an exciting fall, at least for the next three weeks, or so we Tigers fans hope.

So imagine my excitement when today’s Game 2 of the American League Division Series against the Oakland Athletics was scheduled to start just after noon today.  Then imagine my disappointment when I discovered the game was only being broadcast on the MLB network.  Not Fox Sports Detroit, TBS or Fox Network.  Not even ESPN.  MLB Network, a channel that is only available on my cable system if you’re signed up with the Digital Preferred package, not Digital Basic, like I have. What. The. Hell.

My dad and I had planned to watch the game.  We talked about it this morning.  We were ready to watch.  This was an important game – since the ALDS is a five-game series, whoever goes up 2 games to none is in the proverbial driver’s seat.  And since the Tigers had won Game 1, they could really be in a good position going to Oakland for Game 3, and Games 4 and 5 if needed.  And no game.  I flipped through the channel guide and couldn’t find it anywhere until I got up into the 700’s.  There it was.  On MLB network. So I did the only thing I could – I dug out my old CB boombox/cassette tape player/nondigital radio combo (and yes, it still works) and tuned into the local sports station.  So we started listening to the game.  But it just wasn’t the same. Continue reading