Foot Update

What I didn’t get to do this summer…

No photo tonight, because there’s really nothing to see – no more burrito, although I still have to keep it wrapped.  I have my weekly podiatrist appointment Thursday, at which time I’ll have another x-ray and hopefully he’ll tell me I can ditch the wrap and the surgical shoe.  In fact he told me to bring my regular shoe with me to the appointment, so I’m guessing he expects that I’ll be able to walk out of his office with matching shoes for the first time in a month and a half!

It doesn’t hurt much, and it’s just a little bruised these days.  So it looks like the Broken Foot Summer is coming to a close.  Just in time for my fall semester of grad school to start up.  Yay me.


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Just When I Get Motivated to Exercise…

How did this happen?  Would you believe me if I said I didn’t know?

My swollen, sore left foot on July 8.

My ankle started hurting on June 30 after a shopping trip with my mom – I didn’t trip, twist or roll my ankle, or fall.  It just started feeling bruised.  Over the next few days it started to swell and the pain spread to my arch and over the top of my foot, to the point where by July 4, I was limping.

X-rays showed nothing, although my doctor suggested it might be a stress fracture and/or plantar fasciitis.  Now how the hell did I get a stress fracture?  It’s not like I’m super active or anything!  In fact, I finally made an appointment with a personal trainer because I’m trying to get more active and I had to cancel it because of my foot!  Stress fractures supposedly happen from over use, so if any bone in my body should have stress fracture it’s my ass bone. 
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