The Professional Me…

…is an experienced PR consultant and marketing writer currently accepting new clients. I’ve written press releases, backgrounders, fact sheets, feature stories, advertorials, etc. – just about any type of PR writing except speeches.  I’ve worked mostly in small to medium sized firms and in the PR departments of advertising agencies.

In My Private Life…

…I’m pretty easy-going and laid back, but that doesn’t mean I’m without passion.  Just let me loose at a Detroit Red Wings or Tigers game or get me talking about global warming or universal health care and you’ll see passion!  I have plenty of hobbies, including collecting teapots, dolls, hockey memorabilia, travel mugs, books; reading; crafts; photography; cooking, etc.  I have a Maine Coon cat named Molly.  I’m a lifelong metro Detroiter.

You Should Read This Blog Because…

…well, frankly, because you want to.  I think I have interesting things to say.  Mine is just one of many, many blogs out there and I hope you will find it worthy of your attention.

You can contact me by…

…leaving a comment here, or email me at nancypr19 AT yahoo DOT com.

Thanks for visiting,



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