Writer’s Block – Kind of? Maybe? I Don’t Know

typewriterEarlier this year, I wrote a post declaring this blog was no longer abandoned, and promising that I would write more frequently. Well, what is it they say about the best-laid plans?

I don’t know what happened. Or rather, I do know, or at least have a good idea.

You see, I have lots of ideas for blog posts, short stories, novellas and even full novels.  They’re all in my brain, banging off each other as they fly around at full velocity at 3 AM. I am sure I’m not alone in having the creative muses visit me at the most inopportune times. But later in the day – like when it’s daylight – I have no such inspiration.  The muses have packed up their sparkly idea dust and taken it home. I can’t think of anything to write and worse yet, sometimes I don’t feel like writing.

I’ve basically been writing my entire life. I remember winning a writing contest in 3rd or 4th grade with a short story I wrote based on a picture of a young boy rescuing a Rumpelstiltskin-type character from a crevasse. The prize was a performance of “Oliver” at the Grand Circus Theatre in Detroit. I also received a certificate that I kept on my bedroom wall for years. I have no idea what happened to it.

Some of the early things I wrote sounded like plots for Lifetime movie scripts. One in particular that I wrote in junior high was about one of my celebrity crushes – in my story he was in a horrific ski accident that left him paralyzed, but in true Lifetime movie fashion, he regains his ability to walk. I also used to draw and sketch, coming up with movie posters that would often coincide with the stories I would write.

Then of course there is my “great novel,” which I have been writing on and off for the better part of the last 30 years. The main characters are four young college age women loosely based on myself and three of my friends. When I started it, the women of course fall in love with four guys who happen to be besties, too, so everyone lives happily ever after while remaining BFFs forever. Totally realistic. Ha. This epic has been rewritten and rewritten several times, and unfortunately, it’s currently missing – the file got lost somewhere in a computer transfer. I also have a dystopian novella I’ve been working on for about five years – its only problem is I don’t know how to end it. I’ve got plenty of blog posts and poems in this crazy brain of mine, too.

So, what’s the problem? Why can’t I finish any of this stuff? Or even start it? I think it’s a form of writer’s block. One theory I have is that in my last job, I had to write so many blog posts every week that I kind of got a little burned out. However, I’ve been away from that job since January. I do have a lot of stuff going on, however, including trying to get my consulting/freelance writing business off the ground, so there’s that (I’m also learning to knit! I want to make crazy socks for myself).

I have one idea that could remedy my current funk. I recently saw an article online that had some good advice – just write away from work every day, regardless of what it is or even if it’s very good. Take five minutes and write whatever comes to mind. This is supposed to help make it a habit. I will try it for a week and see what happens, then report back here.

Maybe I’ll even have a blog post or two for you.