Good Riddance, 2013

Happy New Year!


2013 was not the best year of my life.  Not by a long shot.

It started off with getting laid off on January 2, after nearly five years of employment. It kind of went downhill from there.  About the only things that went right are I finished my master’s degree and I’m still here and relatively healthy.

So much of my life this year has revolved around not having a job.  Every day I looked for jobs, I sent out resumes, I networked, I went to events, I talked to people, all to no avail – the two dozen or so interviews I went on amounted to nothing, including a couple of good ones that I left feeling like I really had the job.  Fortunately, my unemployment compensation kept my head above water, but I still had to cancel a long-anticipated vacation (for which I’d already saved the money) because I could not in good conscience spend money on a five-day trip when I didn’t know what was going to happen, insofar as having a job.  So I stayed home.  All flipping year. 

I never thought that, one year after losing my job, I’d still be out of work, but here I am, and my prospects are no better today than they were on January 3rd.  At least for a job in which I work for someone else.  You see, I have come to the conclusion that perhaps I’m not meant to get a job, that maybe I’m meant to work for myself.  Create my own job.  So that is what I am doing – I will be doing freelance writing and PR work, as well as selling some of my jewelry designs on Etsy.  There are many people who make really good money doing freelance work, so I figure why not me?  I can do it too!  There is no reason why not!

laptop workNow, I’ve been a freelance writer before, but I’m going to do it a little differently this time.  I’m more ready to make it successful now than I was 10 years ago when I first dipped my toes into the freelance waters.  I’m better educated, both in general and about freelancing.  Plus, the explosion of the internet since 2003 makes it much easier for freelancers to find clients.

I will have more details about these new ventures in the next few days.  For now, I’m going to enjoy the rest of the holiday season and get down to business – my business – on Monday, January 6.  It’s going to be an exciting year, and a good year.

Welcome, 2014.

“2014” graphic by gubgib; “Computer on Jeans” photo by patpitchaya


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