Happy New Year…Happy New Blog!

So it’s a new year, and we all know when a new year approaches, we start making resolutions.  Well, a few years ago I decided the only resolution I was going to make was to stop making resolutions.  Hahaha.  But this year I have several things I want to do, and I am really hesitant to call them resolutions, because they’re really not.  There are a few things about myself that I want to improve, and other things I simply want to do.  Since I like starting things at the beginning – like, Sundays, the first day of the month, New Year’s Day – I figure January 1st is as good a day as any.  Except when it falls on a Saturday.  And there are still Christmas cookies and chocolates to be eaten.  So I’ll move it to January 2nd.  Or 3rd.  Whatevs. 

So, here are a few of the things I want to improve and that I want to do this year, or at least start, in 2011. 

  1. Lose weight.  Now, I realize that everyone and their grandmother make this resolution every freaking year but really, let’s be honest – how many actually stick to it?  Anyone?  Yeah, I thought so.  But if you noticed, I wasn’t exactly jumping up and down over here yelling, “Me! Me!” either.  However, I am determined to do it this year.  I have a lot of weight to lose and at my age it’s not just about looking better, it’s about being healthier.  I have a plan that I think will work for me, and I’m going to do my best to stick to it.  Hopefully my blog post dated January 2, 2012 will see me talking about at least a 75-pound weight loss. 
  2. Get my jewelry business going.  For those who don’t know, for the last several years I’ve been making beaded jewelry, mostly for myself, my family and friends.  I even made the earrings and necklaces for the bridal party for my friend Lori’s wedding in October.  Everyone always tells me I have talent, and I know I do.  But for some reason I drag my feet about it.  I get bogged down in everyday minutiae and just don’t seem to have time, or energy, or even desire, to drag out my beads and supplies and work.  But I know I can at least make a little extra money off of my jewelry and who can’t use some extra money?  Plus, it’s a creative outlet and as a creative person, I need that.  Desperately.
  3. Write a novel.  It’s every writer’s dream – we all know we have a novel in us, and for most of us it’s just a matter of getting it out.  I was watching a repeat of the Oprah show with JK Rowling and she was a lot like me – except for the kids, of course, and she lives in Scotland.  And divorced, and she’s skinny and has a really cool accent and…well, maybe she wasn’t a lot like me, but I can relate to her story.  My point being, I actually have a novel that I started working on 26 years ago and never finished.  The parts I have done have been written and rewritten and rewritten over the years, but I never got too far in.  I’d like to work on that this year and maybe actually finish it.  It’ll take some discipline, which, unfortunately, I am sorely lacking at times.  But I have the whole story in my head – it’s just a matter of getting it down on paper.  Or on screen.  Or whatever you call typing it up on the computer.
  4. Blog more.  Hey, here’s one I’ve actually started!  Yes, I have like, three blogs and I want to write in all of them!  I love words…I have always written little stories and such and thought blogging would be a good way for me to exercise that creative outlet, but unfortunately I, more often than not, found myself with nothing to write about.  At least not anything that I thought anyone but me would find remotely interesting.  So I kind of stopped blogging for a while.  In fact, this is the third incarnation of this blog, after I blew up the first two versions.
  5. Get married.  Okay, I’m including this one only because I posted it on my Facebook page earlier today.  I think it would be insanely cool to get married at 11:11 AM on November 11, 2011.  Now, the only problem with this one is, I am not currently dating anyone, nor do I have any prospects.  It’s kind of hard to get married to yourself, although it has been done but it makes you look like you’re the ultimate loser. I mean, really, spend all that money on a beaded white dress and throw a huge-ass party – for yourself?  Unless there’s a handsome man pledging his undying love for me that goes with it, no thanks.  Am I crazy?  Probably, a little.  But hey, it doesn’t hurt to put it out there, you know?  Maybe something will happen.    

There are others, but I don’t need to mention them now.  These are the major ones anyway, for the most part. 

So now that it’s January 2nd, and it’s kind of late, I think I will get out my healthy eating recipe books and start making my grocery list for later today, then hit the organic market (part of my plan – eat organic!).  And maybe the gym.  Yes, I joined a gym.  I’m definitely crazy.


One thought on “Happy New Year…Happy New Blog!

  1. Great stuff. My resolution is to write for two blogs that I currently write for mine (which I haven’t written on in months and months and months) and http://redwingsguy.com because I should be a better contributer.

    So I am going to write for them once a week for both and try and be consistent. It is a step in the correct direction.

    I want to land a job with out drama. I want to work in Downtown Detroit for a social media agency or for someone who would like a social media marketer. I am hoping it will be close to the Joe because I have this passion for the Red Wings and I don’t think I want to walk away if I am in the area.

    Plus, I need to learn to cook plus getting married on 11/11 would be totally awesome but I don’t think that is going to work for me. Great idea. So now I am sharing with you my ideas for 2011 so you can help me be accountable for them. Which is probably better than just writing them down for myself.

    I somehow believe once the career thing happens the gentleman (I do believe they are out there) will come along.

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